• 09 June 2015
  • Reflections Hair

It’s come to that time of year when every girl (and boy) has finished their dreaded exams and are planning the perfect outfit for Prom! But the dilemma comes down to what glamorous hairstyle suits your dress….well look no further as Reflections have got it covered!

The "Sweetheart" Neckline

Keep hair simple. You don’t want anything too fussy or too pulled back so free flowing hairstyles are going to help you show some skin without feeling exposed. Simple doesn’t have to be boring, from straight to curling or adding an accessory, mix it up!

'Sweetheart' neckline

The “Halter” Top

Let the straps do the talking! It is best with this style of dress to pick a hairstyle that is up, why not go for a braided ponytail or a high bun?

High bun


The "Low Back"

With this dress all the detail is in the back, so you wouldn’t want to hide this with your hair. Going for a voluminous hair ponytail or keeping classic with a braided up-do would show the dress off the way it was intended.

The 'Low Back'

The "Spaghetti" Strap

This dress allows you to choose from endless styles, whether you are confident enough to rock a pull back hair up-do or you want something softer like a "half up half down".

The 'Spaghetti' Strap

Half up half down

The "one shoulder"

With all the detail being on one side of this type of dress you need a hairstyle that balances it out or go for it and emphasise your bare shoulder!

The 'One Shoulder'

The 'One Shoulder'

The "High Neck"

All the detail is at the top of this style dress so a simple hairstyle is what you are looking for! There are many simple hair up-dos you can choose from.

The 'High Neck'

The 'High Neck'

Or why not discard the rules and go for something retro and funky?! You are sure to stand out from the crowd!

Retro and funky

Retro and funky